Rotated Three

TransliterationGō Ryūgo Hiki Eri
Translationso-called a diabolo (juggling top) pulled band
OwnerMiura-no-suke (三浦介)
CategoriesGeometric: Bars (Three)
NotesThe kanji description comes from the period source. A modern description might be something like「竪三つ引両」(tate mittsu hikiryō; "vertical three pulled amount").

This three-based mon reflects the first character in "Miura".

"Suke" (介) here is a title given to the clan head based on their heriditary rule over Sagami Province.

SourcesKenmon Shokamon (見聞諸家紋; “Various Observed Family Crests”). 1467–1470. http://dl.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/2533035. pg. 10.
八介”. Japanese Wikipedia.
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