Plaid Bowl with Chopsticks

TransliterationKōshi no gosu ni hashi
TranslationBy a grid-pattern ceramic bowl, chopsticks
OwnerTōyama (遠山)
CategoriesGeometric: Circle (Other), Arrangement: In Pale (With Bars), Geometric: Bars (Two Horizontal)
NotesUsed by a provincial samurai. See also Mon of the Week: Bowl with Chopsticks on Fireflies Sing.
SourcesKenmon Shokamon (見聞諸家紋; “Various Observed Family Crests”). 1467–1470. http://dl.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/2533035. pg. 13.
Takasawa Hitoshi (高澤等). Kamon no Jiten (家紋の事典; “Family Crest Encyclopedia”). Ed. Chikano Shigeru (千鹿野茂). Tōkyōdō Shuppan (東京堂出版), 2008. pg. 7.
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