Flowery Box

CategoriesPlant: Flower Square, Plant: Flower Square (Other Enclosure), Plant: Other Flower, Enclosure: Other, Object: Blade
NotesDepicted elements unclear. The inner flower resembles a four-petaled flower used to represent the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism. (Thanks, Cynwrig!) An alternate depiction from the Sasaki copy of Kenmon Shokamon, Sasaki Flowery Box, depicts both flowers with the standard flower square/rhombus depiction. See also Two Mysterious Mon at Fireflies Sing.
SourcesKenmon Shokamon (見聞諸家紋; “Various Observed Family Crests”). 1467–1470. http://dl.ndl.go.jp/info:ndljp/pid/2533035. pg. 29.
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